Agenda janvier/mars 2017


December 2016



Meeting with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and DG1,4 and the 3 regions organised by the Direction General B1,4 – Jozef Smets. Mr Bultynck represented the Chamber



Roundtable in honor of the visit of the President of Bénin to Belgium. Presentation by the Minister of Finances of Bénin. Many members were present and were presented the numerous opportunities of various sectors in Bénin. An economic mission will be held during the month of April 2017, led by CBL-ACP. The presentation was an initiative of the CBL-ACP, in collaboration with the Embassy of Bénin.



National Day party of Kenya at the Palais des Colonies in Tervuren. Mr Vermeesch and Mr Verbrugghe represented the Chamber.



Courtesy visit of the Governor of the Province of North Ubangi of Democratic Republic of Congo. The Chamber was represented by Mr. de Gerlache, Mr. Chalon. The meeting was attended by the Director of Cabinet of the Governor and members of Rentec, Tradetech and Delaunoit. An initiative of Africa Rise.



A meeting was held concerning the EU investment plan. The Chamber and EBCAM were represented by Mr Vermeesch, M. Bultynck, M. Spachis, M. Valentina Santoro, CCPA, Mr Cereja, Mr Frix and Mr Lernoux. The initiative came from the CBL-ACP and Ebcam.



Meeting at the Embassy of Togo with H.E. Kokou Nayo Mbeou in order to prepare the Bénin-Togo economic mission. The Chamber was represented by M. Stenger and Mr. Vermeesch.



Luncheon to discuss the Central Africa strategy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The CBL-ACP was represented by Mr. Evrard.



Work reunion at Ernst & Young to discuss the participation of EBCAM and CBl-ACP to the EU programs. The Chamber was represented by M. Cereja and M. Vermeesch.






Meeting at Awex with Africa Rise and V68 conerning the ABBW and KINFOR forum 2017. The following people attended : M. Delattre, Mrs Van Ransbeeck, M. Rémy Muzembo, M. Stenger and M. Evrard.




Work meeting with Mrs. Anne Van Malderghem of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the CBl-ACP in order to determine the belgian strategy towards Guinea from 2018 until 2021. M. Vermeesch and M. Chalon represented the Chamber.



Work meeting at the Togo Embassy in order to prepare the economic mission of april. The Chamber was represented by M. Vermeesch, M. Stenger and M. Evrard.





Meeting at the EU – DG DEVCO with Mr. Roberto Ridolfi Directorate for Sustainable Growth and Development – How can Ebcam and CBL-ACP collaborate with the DG DEVCO concerning the European external investment plan.




Briefing n° 47 – Regional trade in Africa – House of the ACP with Mr. Frix and Mrs. Mémé Fall discussing various drivers – trends and opportunities.




Ebcam and CBL-ACP meeting with the World Bank and IFC. In attendance :

Mr. Kannengiesser (Ebcam), M. Spachis, M. Van der Voort, M. Spachis and M. Vermeesch.



Following an initiative of CBL-ACP the Launch of the Be4AG Cluster for the Agro-Industry at the ACP House. The Chamber was represented by Mr. Evard, Mr. Vermeesch, Mr. Chalon, Mr Frix, Ms Mémé Fall, the Ambassadors of the ACP countries, Baron Kronacker, Mr. Jacquet and a representant of Minister De Croo.



Meeting : Mr. Evrard, Managing director of CBL-ACP received Mrs. Dominika Herzig and Mrs. Loubnad Azhoud , Director of the ‘Women in Business’ about the idea of creating a platform for African Business Women in Brussels.



Meeting ECA-CREAC – Rotonde policy talk with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Didier Reynders at the Maison des Parlementaires in Brussels. The CBL-ACP was represented by Mr. Vermeesch and Mr. Frix.



Incoming FIT mission – B2B meeting Business Delegation Kenya in the frame of the Batibouw Brussels fair. The meeting took place at the FIT agency offices. M. Vermeesch represented the CBL-ACP and met with Mrs. Catherine Van Ransbeek and Mr Ivan Korsak. The participants received an overview of the building sector in Kenya.



Dinner organized at the occasion of the visit to the EU of a delegation of Angola composed by the Minister of Trade and the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs of Angola. CBL-ACP was represented by Mr. Daniel Ribant, Board Member.