Belgian multisectoral economic mission to Zambia 9th – 23rd January 2019


ZAMBIA remains a key investment destination for Europe and specifically Belgium because of the favourable political and economic situation. The World Banks’ classification show that Zambia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Reason for CBL-ACP to have organised a multisectoral economic mission to Zambia which was consisting of a 12-member delegation from the construction, engineering, energy, furniture and design, graphic and design, import/export, industrial equipment, logistic and transport, medical, software and data processing sectors, namely the companies VANDENNE AVENNE, MADYSANO, POWERSOLUTIONS, SOULCO, TC&T, POLYTRA, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, BICS, TRANSAUTOMOBILE and ADB SAFEGATE. The mission was headed by Alexander Herring, Vice President of CBL-ACP.

Zambia is an important destination for Belgian business people because it is among the top hundred most important export countries in the world, its national GDP has doubled since its independence and also the GDP shows that the country is in a stable and constant way. Belgian is ranking 6th export country for Zambia and is thus a key business partner country for Zambia.

After arriving in Lusaka the delegation enjoyed a warm welcome reception at the residence of the Honorary Consul, Mr. Casilli, who provide interesting insights on the economic situation and business potentials in Zambia.

The mission in Zambia was officially opened on Monday morning 21st January with Zambian officials and various speeches from the Ministry of Commerce and the Zambia Development Agency ZDA. The opening ceremony was followed by B2B meetings for the whole day. The Belgian Ambassador Excellency Mr. Van Acker invited to a state reception on the occasion of the presentation of his Letters of Credence to the President of the Republic of Zambia and of the visit of the CBL-ACP Belgian Economic Mission organised by CBL-ACP. The delegation had the opportunity to meet and network with Zambian business people but and with European business people and Zambian officials.

The next day, Tuesday 22nd February, was dedicated to B2G meetings in various Zambian ministries and authorities, such as the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Health and Zambia Airports Corporations. The EU delegation in Zambia invited to an information lunch session at the EU embassy. Excellency Mariani, EU Ambassador in Zambia, and his various head of departments provided some interesting information on business opportunities and trends in Zambia during which also a vivid discussion and question and answer time took place.

Overall the mission was a success and delegates could explore and discuss some new or expand existing business opportunities.

A special thanks for the organisation has also to be addressed to the Embassy of Zambia in Brussels, namely Mr. Musenge, First Secretary Economics at the Zambian Mission in Brussels, which dedicated involvement tipped to a success of this first Belgian mission after years in Zambia.