Railway, Roads and Aviation Infrastructure in Zimbabwe


General NRZ Recapitalisation

To position ourselves to effectively play our pivotal role in the country’s recovery and growth and as a hub of the Southern African Region, we invite our valued customers and private investors to participate in our recapitalisation programme. Broad areas in which the NRZ seeks funding and investment are as follows:

Broad Investment Area Investment Option(s)
1 Refurbishment/Rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and equipment (track, locomotives, wagons, coaches and workshop machines) PPPs, Strategic Alliances
2 Setting up of critical rail related/supplier plants e.g. concrete sleeper and wheels manufacturing Joint Ventures
3 Supply of new equipment (locomotives, wagons, coaches, workshop and maintenance machinery) Strategic Partnership, Loans, Lines of Credit
4 Construction of new rail links for increased regional competitiveness JVs, BOT, BOOT, etc


PPP Programme For Customers

We also run a Public-Private Sector Partnership Programme involving our customers which entails customers with financial capacity funding the repair of out-of-service resources (wagons and/or locomotives) in exchange for a dedicated use of same. Favourable discounts on the freight rate are available to participating customers as an incentive as well as to allow them to recoup their funding.

Real Estate Development

It is noted that Zimbabwe as a country still lags behind in terms of top of the range shopping malls and leisure centres. The shopping complexes that are available are small, poorly located and do not encompass a wide variety of mega-shops, mega-wholesalers, theme park, leisure centres, and above all proximity to fantastic and historical sites like the Bulawayo Railway Museum and a working railway station. Railway Stations being the hub for most inter-city, intra-city and international trains can easily attract shoppers from all corners of the country as well as from neighbouring countries. To this end, we invite interested investors to partner us in developing the vast tracts of land we have around most of our major stations into rail park malls of international standards.

Rail Leisure

The tourism  business has undergone dynamic expansion of unrivalled nature over the last several decades. This has mainly been due to the dawn of a ‘borderless’ world and improved information dissemination about the majestic sceneries throughout the world in general and Southern Africa in particular. It is from this realisation that we have introduced the Rail Leisure concept. We however feel that there is still a lot of scope to do more in this regard. To this end, investors are welcome to partner us in developing this and related concepts