Innovative start-ups changing lives in Africa


GiftedMom, the free health  24/7 infoline for new mothers and babies.

As a a leading mobile health solutions provider in Africa, GiftedMom leverages last mile technologies to provide pregnant women and new mothers access to health information and strengthen linkages to antenatal care. They hope to be able to contribute to a world free of maternal and infant deaths.

The future and actual mothers can simply send their question by text message to 8566 and they will receive an answer from a team of doctors. They keep the numbers to send vital information with regards to vaccination and key health issues for babies and mothers. In case of a problem, they can quickly give live-saving advice while being in a remote and rural area. A true life-saver.

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MedTrucks, saving dialysis patients lives in medical deserts

Renal insufficiency is an important issue in Morocco where over 10.000 patients suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, over a third of them have to walk long distances or are stuck on a waiting list.  Anass El Hilal, a young engineer and entrepreneur from Morocco, was moved by the issue as he saw someone faint by kidney failure. He believed that there should be a solution to help these people survive.

Few months later, he created  Medtrucks with his team, the first platform to work hand in hand with medical actors to provide mobile healthcare solutions with medical trucks.  Today, Medtrucks deploys its service and offers a whole package from cartographical maps, access the need and shortages in the region, to tracking of the progress realized and telemedicine. Medtrucks is also closer than ever to the patients and realized its first medical trip to better assess the need in offering its trucks solutions.

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Solarpak, the rechargeable school bag for Africa

In the Ivory Coast over 70% of rural villages don’t have access to electricity. For children who want to do their homework, a new solution has come: the Solarpark. Equipped with a small solarpanel, it has a small light that can be used at night to continue doing their homework safely. It took the 35-year-old entrepreneur Evaris two years to complete the pack that has a solar panel, a battery and the lamp. As it recharges during the day, it is completely autonomous and offers light for 4 hours at night. For children living in rural areas, this is a complete game-changer. Over 40 000 packs have been distributed so far and through crowd-funding, it is hoped the solution will be widespread over the country through a order of 1 million bags by the World Bank.