Tanzania – 7 Major projects currently implemented by the Government


The Government is implementing the National Five-Year Development Plan 2016/17 – 2020/2021, which aims at nurturing industrialisation for economic transformation and human development. Under this Plan, the Government is implementing the following projects: –

  1. Construction of a new Central Railway line to Standard Gauge, the Government is constructing a new electric railway line using domestic resources from Dar es salaam – Morogoro – Dodoma about 700 Km. The whole projects cover a distance of about 2,707 Km, with three branches from Dar es salaam – Tabora-Kigoma (1,251 kms); Tabora – Mwanza (379 kms) and Kaliua – Mpanda (210 kms). The project is expected to improve transportation of cargo and passengers in the central corridor. It is expected to reduce time and freight for cargo destined to neighbouring countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and DRC.
  2. Expansion of the Dar es salaam Port, the Government is implementing a project to expand 7 berths depth from the current 8 meters to 15 meters. The expansion will allow the Port to receive larger vessels able to carry up to 19,000 containers. The project will be completed by 2020, enabling the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) to increase the container through output to 28 million tons a year from around 20 million containers currently. The port will be able to handle ships with more than 304 meters from the current 204 meters.
  3. Construction of the Mkunazi Agriculture City, in collaboration with the social security funds the Government is implementing a project of constructing Mkunazi Agriculture City with the aim of increasing domestic production of sugar and generation of electric power which will be connected to national grid. The project will also provide employment and generate income to the surrounding communities through contract farming and value addition to their produces.
  4. Construction of new International airport in Dar es salaam; the Government is implementing a project of constructing Terminal II and III at Dar es salaam International Airport. The airport which will be completed September 2018 is expected handle 6.6 million passengers per annual.
  5. Construction of a Crude Oil Pipeline from Hoima, Uganda to Tanga Port in Tanzania in collaboration with the Government of Uganda. The project is expected to transport Uganda crude oil to international markets. It is expected to be completed in 2020.
  6. Construction of Phase II of the Dar es salaam Rapid Bus System (DART), the Government is implementing Phase II of this project which aims to decongest the Dar es salaam city through improvement in its transport systems.