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Perspectives is the publication of the CBL-ACP Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Belgium-Luxembourg-Africa-Cribbean-Pacific

Focus - Kenya
Kenya is the gateway to Africa

Head of Mission at the Kenyan Embassy in Brussels H.E. Ambassador Johnson Weru is accredited to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union. His mandate includes furthering Kenya’s national interests, in partnership with other member states of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States. Amb. Weru is a career diplomat and public servant, with over twenty years experience working in government and in international development agencies in Africa and Europe….Read more

Kenya, the leader of eastern Africa

Kenya is the leading economy in East and Central Africa with strong growth prospects supported by an emerging urban middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value goods and services. Its strategic location and its well-developed business infrastructure make it a natural choice for investors and many international firms have made it their regional hub. This grants investors access to the larger East African community and regional markets with access to over 385 million consumers. Nairobi is also a major transport hub in East Africa with Connections from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to major destinations around the world. Additonally, they are all located in a convenient time zone: GMT +3 Read more

Kenya is the gateway to Africa

Kenya, South Africa and Cuba, three countries at the focal point of this issue; three countries also belonging to a group formed by the countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, numbering 79 in totall. What unites these ACP countries is the common ambition of  sustainable development and a gradual integration in the global economy. Where should we place these three countries in this vast scheme? According to a study published by Havas Horizons and the Choiseul Institute Kenya occupies a steadfast pole position in the ranking of countries most attractive for investors.  It is the example of the economic resurgence of Eastern Africa..

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